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Learn the latest in organic farming practices and research by attending or watching an eOrganic Webinar- (anyone can join in, many topics). Sign up for upcoming webinars … [Continue]

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Fall Gardening Tips

The VCE Master Gardener newsletter "In Season" shares simple tips on what to do in the fall garden- 1- Create an indoor herb garden with parsley, chives, sage, … [Continue]


Care of Garden Equipment

Excerpt from VCE's publication #426-332 Fall Vegetable Gardening— “Clean-up of tools and equipment is another important practice related to the garden which … [Continue]


Pruning- When and Why?

When is it OK to prune your shrubs or trees? Spring, fall or whenever? What is the best method to trim back overgrowth? Below are several Virginia Cooperative … [Continue]

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More Posts From This Category

Photos: Bug Of The Month

Leopard Slug

Leopard Slug

Welcome to "Jim's Bugs" photo series. Each month highlights a different insect, with links to Jim's home-spun stories and … [Continue]