Welcome to the Bedford Area Master Gardeners Association (BAMGA)! Who are we? We're specially trained Virginia Cooperative Extension volunteers, available to help solve gardening problems and answer your questions. Master Gardeners use horticulture to promote a strong land ethic, good health, and a higher quality of life.

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Bedford Family Farm Tour

Join us on August 16th at the 2014 Bedford County Family Farm Tour, held at the RUSSELL DAIRY FARM, 4325 Thomas Jefferson Road in Forest. At this FREE, fun filled event … [Read More...]

Pouring water into glass

Home Water Testing

Does your water come from a well, spring, or cistern?  Do you want to learn more about the quality of your water?  Program Registration: Clinics will be offered in … [Read More...]

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From The Ground Up

Farmers Market Fall 2013-7

Rinsing/Washing Produce

"Rinsing/Washing Produce at Home Reduces Risk, but Doesn’t Eliminate It" Hello all! I often find that people are surprised when they learn that washing produce with … [Read More...]


Weed Identification

The link below is a great weed identification site published by Virginia Tech's Scott Hagood, Extension weed expert. There is a key for looking up the weeds and an … [Read More...]


Storing Your Onions

If you've harvested and cured your onions, now is the time to store them away. Keep in mind the length of storage will vary depending on the variety. The strong flavored … [Read More...]

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Environment and Wildlife


Pesticide Safety

      Now that the Japanese Beetle and Tomato Hornworm season is here people are thinking  about how to control them, among many other … [Read More...]

Polymephus Moth

Polyphemus Moth

As I sat at my desk preparing to write this month’s bug article, I found it difficult to choose. Thanks to several of our Master Gardener “bug enthusiasts,” I had a … [Read More...]

Male Lone Star Tick

Tick season is here

 Tick season is here.  Below are some best practices used to prevent tick borne diseases taken from a presentation by Dr. David N. Gaines Public Health … [Read More...]

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