Bedford Centerfest

September 27th! "Bedford Main Street’s signature event, Centerfest, has been running annually for over thirty years. Spanning over four blocks and drawing crowds of over … [Read More...]

From The Ground Up

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Environment and Wildlife


Summer Heat Tips

Take care of yourself as well as your plants during this summer heat by following a few simple tips!  This VCE publication,written by Bonnie Appleton, addresses an … [Read More...]

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Cool Tools

5 gallon bucket - all tools

Easy Tool Care!

Proper care of your tools is so important for their working condition, and therefore for the health of your plants -- and here is a quick and easy way to do basic … [Read More...]

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Kids News


Why Eat Rainbows

TodayIAteARainbow.com__ "When you use a Rainbow as a nutritional guide you are ensuring that your kids are benefiting from a wide spectrum of vitamins, minerals and … [Read More...]

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